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Joe Michael Dyer kick started UFIXU over 10 years ago to form a team of specialised  physiotherapists, rehab coaches, personal trainers, and massage therapists.

We are recognised across London and the United Kingdom for the leading services we provide to clients and businesses.




OUR GOALS are very simple – to help our clients achieve their targets through the highest level of physiotherapy and personal training.


OUR CLIENTS trust us to get them where they want to go in the shortest space of time utilising skills and techniques to ensure effective results. We have a method and a model behind everything that we do, and constantly adapt to individuals unique circumstances, physical make up, and personal goals.


OUR PASSION and commitment to sustain excellence has helped our trainers to be acknowledged as some of the very best in their profession.

To be the best physiotherapy and wellness business requires constant dedication and commitment to our own continued education, and you will find that we are informed and qualified in every aspect of the global wellness lifestyle.

Our trainers and coaches have all studied with leading organisations to provide clients with fully qualified advice and working together we have been able to achieve consistent excellent results for our clients.