UFIXU recognises that every client is individual; we also know every client requires a specific programme to achieve their goals. We ensure you are kept motivated, get results and get them on time. We also recognise there is a strong correlation between physiotherapy and personal training, so have specific rehab and corrective exercise coaches to help you execute your tailor-made program.



UFIXU provide one to one sessions and group sessions at your home, work and at recognised fitness clubs in the London area.



Personal training and corrective exercise play an important role at UFIXU. It’s about feeling strong and capable in your body, being free from niggling pain or limitations and being fit so you can live a better life.

Whether you’re making a return to exercise after injury, training towards a specific goal, looking to regain control of your pelvic floor after childbirth or just wanting to get strong for daily life, Clinical Strength and Conditioning at UFIXU can help you reach your goals. We focus on building strength, flexibility, and control to bridge the gap between your ability and your potential.



What are the benefits of personal training?


  • Making a return to exercise after injury

  • Regain control of your pelvic floor after childbirth

  • Building strength

  • Building flexibility

Natasha has literally changed the way I think about exercises and nutrition. Being a Mum of two young children finding the time to exercise and keep fit has always been a struggle. From hours and hours slaving away on the treadmill Natasha has opened up a world of body weight and resistance exercises that are changing my body shape. She has educated me how to train smarter and more efficiently but also having fun at the same time. I would not hesitate to recommend Natasha.
— Jane. C