At UFIXU we specialise in treating any problem that affects your joints, bones, muscles or nerves. 



Problems treated include everything from lower back pain to ankle injury.


Services include hands on physiotherapy, gym based sports rehabilitation, sports physiotherapy, pilates/core conditioning, sports massage and acupuncture all of which will be tailor made to the individuals’ needs. 



What can Physiotherapy treat?


  • Joint pain

  • Muscle pain

  • Sports injuries

  • Coaching to optimise sporting performance

  • Movement dysfunctions

  • Postural complaints

  • Post surgical rehabilitation

  • Preparation for sporting events

  • Strapping, taping and other supports for sporting participatio



I had a car accident, when another car driver drove into the back of me. I had several sessions with a physio after my accident and it did not help, such that the pain was still interrupting my sleep many years after the accident. I noticed that the Club had a Physio, who was also a Personal Trainer. Joe was his name, and so I set up a few sessions with him.

In the very first session he took the trouble to understand my pain, watched how it came to me, when it came to me in my daily life, and how much pain it caused me. He asked what I did, which included driving over 20 hours a week, to and from Brighton. He then gave a couple of exercises to do during the day, in the car, when I stopped in traffic, when I got out of the car and just before going to bed. I off-course I took this all on board and immediately added it to my daily routine.

The pain stopped within 36 hours. Since then I have slept without pain and you know what I cannot thank Joe enough.
— Gregory M.